Top 5 Basketball Workouts You Can Do at Home Alone (No Hoop Needed)

How do you improve your basketball skills and athleticism when you’re stuck at home?

Sometimes you just don’t have access to a hoop, whether you’re stuck in quarantine, it’s raining outside, or the gym is closed.

But that should NOT stop you from improving! Working on your game CONSISTENTLY is a key to getting better. And we have several workouts you can do inside your house or in the garage (no hoop needed).

At Home Workout #1 – 10 Min Ball Handling & Conditioning Workout

This is an effective workout that will improve your dribbling skills, hand speed, conditioning, jumping, and leg strength. It only takes about 10 minutes. Do this every day when you can’t get into the gym to do your normal workout. READ MORE >>

At Home Workout #2 – Workout to Improve Shooting Footwork (5 Drills)

Great shooting starts with your foundation… your feet. In fact, all great shooters have GREAT footwork. It’s a common thread among all elite shooters. This is an innovative workout for you to improve your shooting footwork from inside your house. READ MORE >>

At Home Workout #3 – Speed & Agility Workout to Improve Defense

We’ve all heard the saying “offense sells tickets but defense wins championships”. There’s certainly some truth to that. Just as important, most coaches want defenders on the floor. If you’re an elite defender, the coach will try to get you on the court as much as possible. If you’re a defensive liability, then you might have trouble finding playing time. This workout will improve your defensive agility and footwork. READ MORE >>

At Home Workout #4 – 9 Min Dribbling, Conditioning and Footwork Workout

After doing workout #1 for a month or two, and you’re ready for a change, start this new ballhandling and conditioning workout. This will improve your dribbling skills, endurance, jumping, and leg strength. READ MORE >>

At Home Workout #5 – Five Minute Workout to Improve your Handles

If you’re short on time, this is an efficient workout you can do at home. It just takes 5 minutes. You can do this every morning before school and every night before dinner. Make it a habit. READ MORE >>

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