9 Minute Workout to Improve Dribbling, Conditioning, and Footwork — Drills to do Alone at Home or Gym

Ball handling is a crucial part of the game of basketball. It is a skill that should be practiced every day. All athletes can benefit from improving their “handles”. Many practices do not devote a lot of time to the fundamentals, so players need to find time to practice on their own. 

What drills help players with their ball handling?

That is a great question. There are many different drills available, but below are nine minutes’ worth of quality ball handling drills that can help anyone improve their ability to dribble. Not only do these drills help with dribbling, but they also can improve an athletes’ footwork and condition. 

The best part is you can do these drills at the gym OR home. 

There are two phases. For the first phase, you are going to have a set of drills, and for the second phase, you are going to have a different set of drills. After each round of these phases, you are going to increase your repetitions by one. 

These nine minutes is a progressive training workout that will help your ball handling, footwork, and conditioning. Completing these drills will help you increase your stamina, help improve basketball your conditioning, and help you get better overall. 

Because you are working on conditioning, all of the drills should be done with speed. Don’t sacrifice form for speed, but push yourself to complete each drill with speed AND accuracy. 

Phase One:

Ball Jumping Jacks: 20 Reps

  • While holding a basketball with both hands at chest level, execute a jumping jack. 
  • Instead of clapping your hands above your head, extend the ball directly overhead while your legs spread apart in the usual jumping jack motion. 

Double Crossovers: 10 Reps Front and Back

  • Begin with a crossover dribble going right to left in front of the body followed by a right to left crossover dribble behind the body. 
  • After 10 repetitions of the pattern, switch to a crossover dribble going from left to right in front of the body followed by a left to right crossover dribble behind the body. 
  • Continue this pattern until you have completed 10 crossover dribbles in front of your body and 10 crossover dribbles behind your body. 

Right/Left Hand Combo Front and Through the Legs Dribbles: 10 Reps with Each Hand

  • Begin with a front v-dribble that is followed by a through the leg single hand dribble. 
  • Bring the ball back through the legs with the same hand and repeat the pattern 10 times. 
  • When finished with one hand, complete the drill using the other hand.

Hesitation Dribble w/Look Off: 15 Reps on Each Side

  • Complete a hesitation dribble in place while looking off to the side of the hand that is dribbling the ball. 
  • When the dribble comes up, the opposite leg will step backward. When the ball goes to the floor, the opposite leg will come forward and be parallel with the other leg. 
  • Complete 15 repetitions with one hand followed by 15 repetitions with the other hand. 

30-60 Second Recovery Break

  • Take 30 or 60 seconds to catch your breath. 
  • After this break, you will begin the second phase of drills. 

Phase Two:

Lateral Jumps over a Ball: 10 Repetitions

  • Place a ball on the floor.
  •  Jump laterally over the ball 10 times, 5 in each direction. 
  • Stay light on your feet. As soon as your feet hit the floor, explode over the ball going the other directions. 
  • Stay on the balls of your feet. 

Scissor Dribbles w/1 Dribble In Between: 10 Reps

  • Complete one scissor dribble followed by a pound dribble on the side of the body. 
  • Complete another scissor dribble going back the other direction followed by a pound dribble.
  • Complete this pattern 5 times for a total of 10 repetitions. 

Spiderman Scissor Dribbles: 20 Reps

  • Complete a scissor dribble between the legs. 
  • After the hand pushes the ball through the legs, it should go down to the floor and touch it. 
  • Bring the ball back through the legs with the opposite hand completing the same motion as the first hand. 
  • Complete this pattern 10 times for a total of 20 repetitions. 

Through the Leg, Crossover into a Cross Jab: 10 Reps Each Side

  • Using your right hand, complete a pound dribble on the side of the body followed by a crossover dribble through the legs. 
  • Complete the rep with a crossover jab protecting the ball with your body. 
  • Complete this pattern 10 times and then complete it 10 times using your left hand. 

Lateral Skates: 20 Reps

  • Complete a crossover dribble in front of the body while shuffling your feet in the same direction as the ball. 
  • Complete 20 repetitions. 

30-60 Second Recovery Break

  • Take 30 or 60 seconds to catch your breath. 
  • After this break, you will begin the second phase of drills. 

Now that you have finished the entire sequence, go through it again adding one repetition to each drill. 

If you are feeling ambitious and you really want to improve, add a THIRD round. Yes, you can add a third round. Don’t forget to add one more repetition to each drill in this round, too!

Complete these solo basketball drills 2-4 times a week. Avoid doing this drill every day because your legs do need time to rest and recover. 

Each time you do a new workout, continue adding reps to each one. This will make the drills more progressive and challenging. This will definitely help improve your conditioning, leg strength, and ball handling. 

If you want to get better, continue to STRIVE!

Want to Practice Your Shooting & Ball Handling at the Same Time?

If you have access to a hoop, try this 10 Step Shooting & Ball Handling Workout. My past clients have seen really impressive results by following that workout. It incorporates ball handling, shooting and conditioning… in a very efficient and effective way!

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to me or leave your comments below.

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