Basketball Player Performance Rating Calculator — Get a Completely Impartial View of Your Strengths and Weaknesses (With Expert Tips To Take Your Game To The Next Level)!

With this tool, you simply enter your stats to calculate your Basketball Player Rating, along with detailed breakdown your strengths, weaknesses you need to improve, and tips to help you quickly improve.

This tool give you very interesting feedback and tips based on your stats. It’s 100% impartial. It’s only based on stats and the formula.

How it this Player Rating Tool Works

The tool utilizes a formula called the Value Point Score to give you a rating base on your statistics. It then calculates which areas are bringing down your score and which areas on helping. It then gives you objective suggestions on how to make improvements.

Now we believe the Value Point Formula is one of the best playing rating formulas there is.

But stats only tell you part of the picture!!

Stats are helpful, impartial, and very useful! And this tool will help you.

But the reality is, not matter how good the formula, it only gives you part of the picture.

This rating does NOT take into account…

  • How many good screens you set
  • How well you communicate on defense
  • How you rotate and help on defense to
  • Your leadership skills and

There are many intangibles in the game of basketball that impact how much you help the team. And those intangibles can’t be easily measure with stats.

So even though we believe ratings are very useful because they give you an objective view and we believe it’s a great tool to use, remember, there’s more to the game than statistics!


Enter your stats below.

We recommended entering totals for your entire season of part of your season.

If you only enter stats for one game, that’s too small of a sampling to get objective information. You should enter stats for a minimum of 5 games to get somewhat statistically significant rating. More than 10 games is ideal.

Give It a Try – Enter Your Stats Here:

Rating Levels

So what does that rating mean?

To give you perspective, for a typical high school player (ages 14-18 years old), here’s a rough rating scale:

Excellent: 1.5 or higher
Good: 1.00-1.49
Fair: .80-.99
Poor: .79 or below

To give you a rough idea, here are VPS career ratings for a few popular NBA and WNBA players…

Michael Jordan – 1.57
Lebron James – tbd
Stephen Curry – 1.56
Dianna Turasi – tbd
Breanna Stewart – tbd
A’ja Wilson – tbd

Your Strengths

[ Show/hide “strengths” below based on stats entered…]

3pt shooting %

2pt shooting %

Free throw shooting %






Your Weaknesses

[ Show/hide “weaknesses” below based on stats entered…]

3pt shooting %

2pt shooting %

Free throw shooting %


Ball Security





Tips to Improve

Based on your rating, strengths, and weaknesses…. her are our tips to help you improve your rating and take your game to the next level…

[ Fill in the tips based on stats here ]

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