Basketball Workout Circuit to Improve Handles, Shooting, Agility & Footwork

You are on the basketball team and have trouble finding enough time to improve your game. Between school, practice, games, and family obligations, there is very little time to do anything else.

So what is the solution to this problem faced by many basketball players? What can you do to stand out on the basketball team in terms of your work ethic and dedication?

Do you sacrifice sleep to spend more time working on your basketball skills?

Staying up late or waking up earlier than usual to spend extra time working on your game is counterproductive! Getting less than the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep will make you far less effective on the basketball court and in the classroom.

So what can you do to improve your game? Without a whole lot of time on the basketball court?

You have to multitask! How do you work on multiple skills at the same time?

Coach Paris Davis has developed a unique drill to improve your ball-handling, shooting, agility, and footwork on the basketball court. You will get solid results in the fraction of a time!

And better yet – you get to work on basketball skills that will earn you time on the court.

Ball handling is crucial!

Coaches want to put players on the court who can reliably handle the ball. Improving your handles will help you earn playing time because your coach can depend on you to protect the ball.

Knowing how to shoot the ball off the catch is an obvious skill to master. But being able to shoot off the dribble unlocks so many open looks for you and your teammates that would otherwise not be available.

Defenders have to respect the pull-up jumper, which allows you to attack the basket. Attacking the basket creates the best looks for you and your teammates.

Improving your agility and footwork will elevate your basketball game on both ends. Sharpening your agility and footwork while also improving your ball handling and shooting skills will set you apart in your preparation.

Does this all sound good to you?

If so, read further.

Drill Instructions

This is a perfect drill to do before or after a practice.

You can modify this drill based on court availability and the overall amount of space you have to work with.

To begin, start at the right side of the half court line.

If you have cones available, set the cones exactly to where they are positioned in the video.

If not, approximate by using the lines already on the court.

Here are three drills that Coach Paris Davis uses in this circuit workout. Each sequence in the drill elevates your basketball conditioning, footwork, ball handling, and shooting at the same time!

Drill #1: Line Hops, Crossovers, and Jumpers

Start by holding the basketball over your head. Then make two-footed line hops from the half court line to the nearest volleyball line (should be about 15 feet away).

Once you reach the volleyball line, you immediately proceed to quickly crossover from the volleyball line to slightly inside the three-point line.

This part of the drill is going to improve your crossovers, quick decision making, and staying low on the dribble.

Once you get to the last cone (or if you are past the three-point line), you take one dribble then pull-up for the midrange jump shot.

The sequence is completed once the shot is taken.

Complete 5-10 reps on each side to complete the drill.

Listed below are two additional combinations that you can practice within this drill.

Drill #2: Right Foot Line Hops, Through the Legs, and Jumpers

Start this drill with one legged right-footed hops on the right side of the court.

Continue with through-the-leg dribbles until you move past the three-point line.

End the sequence by taking one dribble then pulling up for a midrange jumper.

As in the previous drill, do 5-10 reps on each side to complete this drill.

Drill #3: Left Foot Line Hops, Behind the Back, and Jumpers

Start this drill with one legged left-footed hops on the right side of the court.

Continue with behind the back dribbles until you move past the three-point line.

End the sequence by taking one dribble then pulling up for a midrange jumper.

As in the previous two drills, do 5-10 reps on each side to complete this drill.

More Tips to Improve

Learning how to improve multiple basketball skills in the same workout is crucial when you do not have a whole lot of time available.

This drill does a tremendous job of improving these skills while also getting you into better basketball shape.

The great thing is that you can do this drill by yourself!

If you want to improve as quickly as possible, this drill is for you!

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2 years ago

Dope content…. looking forward to sharing this drills with others….just started training my little brother on this… hoping for good results

zencortex reviews
zencortex reviews
3 months ago

What a fantastic resource! The articles are meticulously crafted, offering a perfect balance of depth and accessibility. I always walk away having gained new understanding. My sincere appreciation to the team behind this outstanding website.

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