Improve Your Shooting Technique – Do This Drill Before Every Workout

If you analyze the greatest shooters, they ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON…

They all have consistent mechanics.

You might see a lot of different types of shots out there. But, whatever technique that great shooter uses, their mechanics (their technique) looks the same on every shot. Over and over, the same thing. Almost like robots.

It’s a universal rule that always hold true.

How do you develop great shooting technique that is consistent? You practice your FORM 3-7 times a week. You should do “form shooting” before every workout and practice.

Do Form Shooting Drills Like This Before Every Workout

This drill will help you improve your shooting technique and become a better shooter.

At the very minimum, you should get 10 reps from 3 spots (30 total shots). If time permits, you can continue working on your form, getting another 30 reps by moving a few feet further from the basket.

There are many variations of the “form shooting” drill. The key is to focus on technique and get plenty of QUALITY reps before each workout.

After you finish form shooting, you can progress to more game like shots and get into a full workout, like this 10 Step Shooting & Ball Handling Workout.

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