Knock Down More Game Shots With This Basketball Shooting Workout

Joe Haefner recently shared on X that 50% of your shots come with no dribble.  

An additional 20% come with 1 or 2 dribbles.  

Additionally, the fewer dribbles you take, the higher the points per shot.  

With that in mind, your shooting workouts should be designed around the shots you will take the most in games.

The 27 Day Shooting System from Coach Paris Davis does exactly that.  Each workout is tailored to help you become a better shooter.  

The workouts progress in difficulty so that as you become better, you add more challenging shots to your game.

WATCH a sample workout below:


Drill 1 – Dynamic Footwork Alignment

In this drill, you’ll shoot from each wing and the free throw line.  

Start facing away from the rim.  Toss the ball to yourself.  At each spot you will take 20 shots, using 4 different pivots and rips.

      • 5 front pivots on your right foot

      • 5 front pivots on your left foot

      • 5 reverse pivots on your right foot

      • 5 reverse pivots on your left foot

    After finishing all 3 spots, you’ll have taken 60 total shots.

    Key Points:

        • Rip hard on the catch

        • Stay low

        • Pivot so that your feet and body are aligned to the basket

      Drill 2 – Form-Spot Range Shooting

      In this drill, you’ll shoot from the corners and straight on.  You’ll take 4 big steps out from the rim to find the appropriate range.

      You’ll face the rim and add your guide hand before shooting. 

      At each spot, you’ll make 5 shots, for a total of 15 makes.

      Key Points:

          • Good shooting stance

          • Load your legs for power

          • Release at the peak of your shot

          • Use a 1 motion shot

          • Follow through and check for proper rotation (backspin)

        Drill 3 – Floor Release

        Lay down on your back.  Hold the ball in your launch position.

        Shoot the ball up towards the ceiling.  Perform 50 reps.

        Key Points

            • Hold your follow through

            • Create a straight ball path

          Drill 4 – Bank Shot Shooting

          Shoot from the blocks, alternating sides every time.

          Take 20 shots from each block, for a total of 40 shots.

          Alternate your footwork between the hop and a 1-2 step.

          Key Points:

              • Aim for the top corner of the square

              • Stay low

              • Hold your follow through

            Drill 5 – Lift Fakes W/Shot

            In this drill, you’ll shoot from the wings and the free throw line.

            On each rep, you’ll perform a lift fake to get your defender off their feet.  You’ll then reload and immediately go up into your shot.

            Perform 10 reps at each spot for a total of 30 reps.  

            Key Points:

                • Fake from an athletic stance

                • Load your legs after the fake to generate power for your shot

              Drill 6 – 1 Dribble Side Step Shooting

              In this drill, you’ll shoot from each wing.  This drill helps you work on creating space to get your shot off.

              You’ll perform a 4 shot sequence.  

                  • Side step to shot

                  • Crossover, side step to shot

                  • Between the legs, side step to shot

                  • Behind the back, side step to shot

                Before each make each move, you’ll take 1 pound dribble.

                You’ll do 8 reps of each move – 4 in each direction.

                After completing both sides, you’ll have taken 64 shots.

                Key Points:

                    • Stay low

                    • Make a hard pound dribble

                    • Focus on being quick with your hands and having proper hand placement

                    • Create space with long dribbles and long steps

                  Get Started Today and Become a Sniper On The Court!

                  If you perform this workout, you’ll get over 250 shooting reps.  

                  If you work with pace, the workout can be completed in under 30 minutes.  

                  That’s pretty bang for your buck!  This is just one example of what you’ll get with the 27 Day Shooting System.  

                  Done religiously, you’ll make yourself into a sniper on the court.  So with that in mind, get to work!

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