Quick Start Guide
Description Of The 4 Workout Levels

Alignment & Release

Launch position: This position is where the ball will start it’s upward motion towards the basket. It is important to ensure players have the right trajectory when shooting the ball and this is the best position for initiating your shot. Follow-through: When following through, it is important to think about guidance and consistency. The follow through allows players to direct the ball at the right height and angle towards the basket. When talking about consistency, holding the follow through builds muscle memory ultimately allowing players to maintain the right follow through.

Peak of shot : The release point is important because players must find the best point to release for the ball out of the launch position. Also, players must release the ball at a height that keeps the momentum and force applied from the legs in a one motion shot. This means, players should avoid shooting on the way down or shooting earlier than the peak of their shot. Focusing on getting good jumps and identifying the peak of your shot improves the more you shoot jump shots.

Angle: When releasing the the ball from the launch position, it is key to have a 45 degree angle follow through. This angle may vary from person to person based on factors such as height, arm length, and the amount of power from your jump. It is important to make the adjustment after each shot to ensure you are getting the ball over the rim. So for example, if you hitting the front of the rim, try increasing your follow through elevation higher than 45 degrees toward the basket.

Readiness: This program includes a ton of drills which some are partner drills. To effectively get better, all players must get their feet, body, hands, and mind ready for shooting. Focus on taking less empty dribbles, walking, or even taking excessive breaks during this training program. By doing this, it will help build better muscle memory, allow you to complete drills on time, and always stay ready for the next rep or drill.