Quick Start Guide
Description Of The 4 Workout Levels

Shooting Developmental Areas

This program is designed to help you become a better shooter in multiple different shooting areas. By following the workouts you’ll become better in all of the key areas outlined below.

  • Dynamic Footwork – This area will help you improve your quickness, pivoting, and help with gathering your footwork before shooting.
  • Form & Power Alignment – This will help improve your stance, power for your shot, alignment of your release, and positioning in relationship to the ball and the rim.
  • Triple Threat Shooting – This area will help you learn to rip quick, jab to create space and attacking to your preferred side of the court.
  • Spot Range Shooting – This will help improve your shooting form from various range on the court.
  • Catch & Shoot – In this area you will learn to be in ready shooting position and a quick stance when you catch the ball so that you can get into your shot fluidly and quickly.
  • On The Move Off The Screen Shooting – You will help you increase your efficiency at shooting off the move utilizing various cuts.
  • Off The Dribble Shooting – You will learn to create space with the dribble and moves so that you are capable of getting your shot off against any defender.

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