Quick Start Guide
Description Of The 4 Workout Levels


Everyone starts the journey to improvement from a different beginning. No matter where you are with your shot, there 5 definitive outcomes you will see after you completing a workout level.

By completing a training level you’ll be able to:

  • Train More Efficiently – You will not be wasting time on shooting pieces that you do not need to be working on. The progressions will focus on areas YOU need to focus on.
  • Maintain High Levels Of Motivation – This will occur because you will be able to see progress daily. This will help keep you engaged and motivated in the process.
  • Consistency On Your Jump Shot – Let’s face it, if you don’t have a consistent shot, you’ll never be a consistent scorer. This program is designed to help you develop consistency.
  • Increase Scoring and Shooting %’s – By following the program as designed, you will become a better scorer and you will also increase the % that you shoot during games.
  • Open New Facets Of Your Game -The RSE System will help you become a multi-dimensional scorer. Scoring off the catch and off the dribble!

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