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Description Of The 4 Workout Levels

Shooting Position

Now lets talk about key principles related to the shooting form that should be followed when Shooting: No matter if you are directly in front of the rim, far away, catching and shooting, or shooting off the dribble, players should strive to have a consistent form in all situations, with the expectations adjustments will be needed if you are not getting the desired results. Now lets review the key principles and elements that make up the shooting form: stance, hand placement, and pocket position.

Each of these areas should be a point of emphasis with every drill.

Athletic Stance-No matter if you are preparing to shoot or attack, players should be in this position for an advantage. This is a fundamental position that is used widely across sports and should be known by any and all basketball players. Being in an athletic stance is a crucial part of beginning to develop a consistent shot.When in this position, the player must:

  • Have their feet shoulder width apart
  • Legs bent and loaded ready to make movements
  • Torso slightly tilted forward to propel yourself forward
  • Players should be on the balls of their feet with their head up
  • Hands and mind should be ready to shoot the ball

Hand Placement-When initially holding the ball, players should keep their dominant hand (which is the hand they shoot with) on top of the ball while their off hand is on the side of the ball. It is important to ensure consistency with placing the pointy or middle finger on the middle of the basketball (most coaches teach pointy finger while others teacher middle). For this program we require you to be consistent no matter the finger. When holding the ball, players should focus on:

Gripping and handling the ball with their finger pads for better ball control. This also includes having a slight open space between the pointy finger and thumb of the shooting hand for more control. Players should ensure their off hand is on the side of the ball (not too far in the front or back) to have less impact on the trajectory and momentum of the ball.

Triple Threat or Pocket Position– In basketball, it is critical to know, understand, and complete a triple threat position. The athletic stance and triple threat go hand and hand. The triple threat helps with completing 3 actions (such as shoot, attack, and pass). This is the first and initial position a player should get into after receiving a pass or gaining possession of the ball. There are exceptions where a triple threat is not required and that is when there is an open layup or a for sure lane for scoring and attacking. But even then, players should also think to take care of the ball first when catching. There are multiple things that should happen out of triple threat to help you score, be aggressive, take care of the ball and create space. Those include pivoting, jab stepping, and ripping the ball.

  • When pivoting, players should move on the balls of their feet to create less friction on the ground.
  • When jab stepping, players should focus on quick stabs and spending less time in the air to be as effective as possible.
  • When ripping, players should focus on ripping the ball quick and hard across the body. And rips can be either high or low.