Former college Standout wants to help you…

Learn the “Sequential Scoring System 2.0” For Adding 6-12 PPG to Your Scoring Average – Even If You’re Not a Lights-Out Shooter Yet

Increase your scoring and efficiency even if you’re undersized, struggling with confidence, or stuck at the end of the bench

Limited Time: NEW Personalized Mentorship Program That Motivates You To Workout 3 to 6 Times a Week

Hey there,
If you’re ready to go from passable role player to certified stud, then I have great news…
Because there’s a new method for boosting your scoring by 6-12 PPG and building unshakeable confidence right from opening tip off…

Let me help you become a High-IQ scorer who commands respect from defenses anywhere on the court…

It works even if your shot is broken and especially if you’re struggling with confidence and aggressiveness on offense.
Players using this unique “Sequential Scoring” approach are going from weak links on offense to certified bucket-getters…
And they’re transforming their scoring in as little as 4 weeks…

All by mastering a little-known scoring “hack” most players and coaches simply don’t know about.

And now I’m going to show you how to do the same in as few as 4 weeks – regardless of your current skills or confidence level.
So if you’re ready to fill it up so fast that the coaches can’t ignore you, then you are in the right place!

Hi, I’m Coach Paris

Former D-I Standout. Trainer. And Lead Camp Coach for Breakthrough Basketball – one of the largest basketball camp providers in the world.
I’ve worked with over 2,200 players over the last 9 years but one in particular stands out…
A high school sophomore named Bobby came to me with his confidence shaken.
He’d been splitting time between JV and Varsity…
But whenever he’d check into the Varsity games, he was lost…
His coach was about to move him down to JV full-time and his Dad was worried his confidence might never recover.

What Was Missing?

Like most dedicated players, Bobby loved putting in the work…

He’d been doing drills, playing pick-up, and staying in great shape…

But it just wasn’t translating to the games…
Until we implemented a unique approach called “Sequential Scoring” and something clicked.
Within weeks, the difference was night-and-day…
His scoring average increased…
So did his stats across the board.
And by his Sr. year, Bobby was getting looks from college coaches – ultimately going on to play D-III ball when he graduated.
As I watched him blossom, I knew one of the most important things I needed to do…

Build High IQ Scorers who dominate with their Strategy as much as with their skills.

What is a Sequential Scoring Strategy Exactly?

Quite simply, it’s a scoring strategy that translates your current skills into buckets by using defenders’ natural tendencies against them.

Used in games, it quickly transforms you from a “non-threat” on offense into a High-IQ scorer who controls defenders like you’re playing a game of 2K21.

Here’s just some of the power of this “High-IQ” approach:

See, most players just do a bunch of drills and expect it to magically translate to game play…

Mastering this hidden mental aspect immediately raises your scoring potential

 But Don’t You Need to Be a Great Shooter and Finisher FIRST?

There’s no way around it…

The more offensive skills you have, the more points you’ll score.

Sequential Attacking isn’t a replacement for fundamentals and skills…
Something that immediately increases your confidence and scoring ability…
All by leveraging the “mental game” that most players don’t even know exists.

The truth many athletes don’t learn until it’s too late:

You’re either imposing your will on your opponent…
Or they’re imposing their will on YOU!
If you’re lacking confidence or consistency on offense, there’s a good chance you’re:
In other words…

“Taking what the defense gives you” is a MYTH…

You need a scoring STRATEGY…
Even if you’re a good shooter…
Even if you have ankle-breaking moves…
And ESPECIALLY if you don’t!
You are leaving points on the table EVERY SINGLE GAME you play without the right Scoring Strategy in place.
Now, will your strategy always go exactly as planned? Of course not.
But using the right Scoring Strategy means you’ll play with more confidence, control and poise no matter how crazy the game gets…
Which makes it easier to consistently light up the scoreboard and turn heads with your numbers.

What coaches secretly want from players?

When we surveyed over 22 high-level coaches recently, the #2 most valuable skill they believe a player can have is decision-making (aka Basketball IQ).
That is the foundation of the Sequential Scoring…
Instead of taking the floor each game and “winging it”…
You show up with a scoring strategy that immediately puts the defense at a disadvantage, which means:

4 Keys to Your Scoring Strategy

It’s a fact that ANY player can become a High IQ scorer…
But it means you need to combine the skills with the strategy – and it has to start TODAY.
You’ve learned the steps to the Sequential Scoring and why they’re so powerful.
You’ve met some of the players it’s transformed.
But adding 6-12 PPG to your scoring is going to require more…
So if you want a first-of-its-kind approach that can turn you into a certified bucket-getter, here it is!

The Sequential Scoring System 2.0:

Develop the Skills and Strategy to Become an Elite Scorer From Anywhere on the Court

The Sequential Scoring System 2.0 is an online training and workout program for adding 6-12 PPG to your scoring average.

What You Can Expect

…And we’re going to do it in as little as 4 weeks with a step-by-step training system.

  …Now with guidance and mentoring in the NEW Personalized Coaching & Accountability Program!

Your name WILL be circled on opponents’ scouting reports – Just like these players…

First session was great. He made my daughter actually think about what she was doing and needed to correct, and not just telling her. He then proceeded to give her strategies too for doing it better/more efficiently. I really enjoyed the “self-evaluation” piece where she had to actual verbalize what she needed to work on. He is very in tune with the athletes and she had his full attention during the entire session. We were quite impressed with his skill and style.

- Tyrani

My son Allan is going into his junior year and I wanted to find a coach that can help him take his game to the next level. I was highly impressed with Coach P, he immediately identified Allan’s areas of improvement and went to work on them. We only had 2 sessions so far because of my son’s summer ball schedule.. I highly recommend Coach P!!

- Mike

Coach Paris is an amazing trainer and is very knowledgeable of the game. He works with you at your level and brings out your best in every session. You develop something new in each session that you can use on the court instantly. My daughter and I are blessed to have met him. Try him out, you won’t be disappointed!

- Michael

You can tell that Coach Paris loves basketball and is a great teacher and trainer to young kids. My 11 year old son loved his first 2 sessions with him and in just those two sessions it increased his confidence and he started playing so much better. Coach Paris worked on his footwork and dribbling skills and he pushed him to try his best. I wish I found coach Paris at the beginning of the basketball season and not towards the end. My son is looking forward to his next sessions and I would recommend Coach Paris to anyone who is looking to improve their basketball skills.

- Ramon

Coach Paris is very gifted when it comes to my children. He is very creative and crafty when it comes to communicating with them in regards to understanding the purpose on why they need to do a specific drill a particular way. Coach Paris patience with them is phenomenal and I love the fact that when they are doing something incorrect he will stop them dead in their tracks and correct them instead of continuing to allow them to proceed with the improper mechanics and focus because that behavior develops bad habits which are very hard to break in the long run. Coach Paris is an excellent trainer and I would refer him to anyone looking to become a better athlete because his skillset and attention to details are undeniable!

- Phalice

Coach Paris is one of the best coaches I have ever had. He has a great way of teaching sternly but kindly and making you feel fine if you miss a shot.

- Donnia

In just one session my son had better handle of the basketball and gained strong knowledge to build his IQ, I’m definitely going to continue with Coach Paris and his team to advance the skill level for my son. Highly recommend this Coach and his team!! Thank you!!!

- Valerie

My son has had 2 sessions with Coach Paris and they were great. Paris has the ability to develop the skill and push with conditioning all while keeping motivation level high. I’m already seeing results in his playing. Looking forward to the future lessons. I highly recommend Coach Paris.

- Mark

Coach Paris was awesome!!!! After just 20 minutes into the training session, I could see the improvement with my 12 year old son’s overall skills. I highly recommend Coach Paris. PLEASE sign up with him today, he is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Louise

Coach Paris was a great coach! His training and techniques are like none I’ve had seen before-definitely top notch. That was my son first time and it was great. He pushed him hard for the whole work out. Definitely will be booking more sessions. I would recommend coach Paris to anyone.

- Andrew

Coach Paris is great! After one session my son felt more confident. He can’t wait till the next session.

- Lilia

Take Your Shooting to the Next Level…

Even with the perfect Scoring Strategy, you’ll only go as far as your offensive skills will take you. And NO SKILL is more important than shooting.
So we’re also going to break down elite Shot Mechanics and Shot Creation step-by-step…

Develop a consistent shot that opens up every other aspect of your game...

Become an “Automatic” Finisher in the Paint

Many players mistakenly think finishing skills are all about strength and athleticism..
But I’m going to teach you new ways to frustrate and confuse defenders – regardless of your size or vertical leap…

Plus...Get more wide open - and higher % - jumpers as defenders are forced to sag off you.

Put It All Together With the  20-Day Sequential Scoring Workout Regimen

As your skill level increases, the Sequential Scoring Strategy becomes even more powerful.
So I designed a 20-Day Workout Regimen that pairs perfectly with Sequential Scoring methodology…
Just 30 – 60 focused minutes a day can turn you into a multi-dimensional scorer with the skills and Basketball IQ to dominate your opponents.
These are the same workouts I share with my high-level private clients and they will help you:

Who’s this program for?

This program is for players who want to improve their scoring abilities but:

A step-by-step plan for getting noticed as a High-IQ scorer against all types of defenses.

So What’s New?


…making sure they become better shooters!
*PARENTS & COACHES — I am going to do the leg work so you don’t have to! I’ll use my expertise as an Elite Skills Coach to help keep players on track. No more “outta sight, outta mind” for your players!

What’s Included?

Sequential Scoring System – Lifetime Access  ($49 value)

  • 4 Modules (Videos & PDFs) with Checkboxes to mark as each step is completed:
  • 6 Ways to Score More Points
  • Developing Your Scoring Strategy
  • Shooting Higher Percentage Shots

Sequential Scoring Workout (Youth / Beginner) – Lifetime Access  ($49 value)

  • Recommended for ages 7-12
  • 4 Weeks of Daily Demonstration Videos with Drills (5 days per week) with Checkboxes to mark as each step is completed
  • You can complete the workouts as many times as you want.

Sequential Scoring Workout (Standard) – Lifetime Access  ($49 value)

  • 4 Weeks of Daily Demonstration Videos with Drills (5 days per week) with Checkboxes to mark as each step is completed
  • You can always do both the Youth and Standard Workouts as many times as you want!

Personalized Coaching & Accountability Program – 6 Weeks  ($149 value)

  • During the 6-week window, you can choose to get twice weekly motivational texts or emails (your choice) with progress updates to help you stay on track.
  • You can start this program upon purchase – now’s the perfect time to get ready for the season!

Video Analysis ($99 value)

  • Upload a video & I’ll break down your skills and workout…I’ll make sure you’re doing things right and with effort.
  • You will be asked to do this during the Personalized Coaching & Accountability window.

4 Bonus Booklets to Help You Accomplish Your Dreams!

“How To Get Your Coach’s Attention & Get More Playing Time” (Value $27):  Learn how to use the Triple As (Attitude, Attendance, & Ability) to make your coach trust and notice you, resulting in more playing time.
“How To Get Selected At Tryouts” (Value $27)Learn what coaches are looking for and how to use Tryout Tiers as a timeline to get chosen for the team.
“Goal-Setting:  How To Accomplish Your Dreams” (Value $27) :  Learn how to write SMART goals and take action to make your basketball dreams happen.
“Sequential Scoring Strategy Creation Guide” (Value $49):  Follow my 7-Part Assessment to develop a custom Scoring Strategy based on your unique skill-set.

That’s a $525 value!

What’s the Investment?

My private clients pay me $1000 for several weeks of training to help them develop their Sequential Scoring Strategy and master the skills to get the most out of it.
But forget about that for a second…
What’s it worth to you to become a High IQ scorer who strikes fear in opposing defenses?
…To have the opposing coach come to shake your hand after a game and rave about your skills…
To become a scoring leader on your team…
And to confidently come through in the clutch when your team needs you most.
What you’re about to learn in this program will unlock a new level in your offensive game…
So what’s the investment?

Right now, you can get a special price of just…

$525 $197

That’s 63% OFF because…

I really believe in my system and want to help you become an ELITE SCORER!

Just a reminder to act now because BOTH the 63% discount and the accountability program disappear Sunday, September 19.

Once you purchase, you will get directions and the choice to sign up for the Personalized Coaching & Accountability Program.

Only 200 Spots Available!

I also decided to cap this program at 200.

That way, I can give each player the attention and detail that they need to maximize their improvement in just a short amount of time!

Why does Sequential Scoring System 2.0 with Personalized Coaching & Accountability Work?

I developed the idea that PROGRESS only works when certain parts are in place… I call them the 9 KEY INGREDIENTS TO PROGRESSING… Watch my video to learn more…

So…how does the Sequential Scoring System 2.0 match up with the Ingredients?

✅ Are you INTERESTED? Yes, you’re here!

✅ Set your GOALS using the free “Goal-Setting” booklet.

✅ Sequential Scoring System 2.0 has all the RIGHT RESOURCES and TRAINING PROGRAM for you to improve your offensive skills.

✅ You are ultimately responsible for 110% EFFORT, but I can also motivate you through texts and video analysis.



✅ How will you REWARD YOURSELF when done (besides becoming an Elite Scorer)?!

Get Instant Access to Sequential Scoring System 2.0 for just $525 $197

Only 200 Spots Available!


Click the orange “Enroll Now” button to be taken to our secure order form to review your order.

Don’t Forget About The Special Free Bonuses…

Hurry and enroll before this offer is completely gone

I want to take you step-by-step on the path to becoming a High-IQ Scorer with the skills to back it up.

Try It Before You Decide

The Sequential Scoring System 2.0 is backed by our 60-day unconditional money back guarantee.
So take the next 60 days to go through the training, develop your Sequential Scoring System and put it to use in games.
If you don’t feel like this will add AT LEAST 6-12 ppg to your scoring average, just email me for a full refund.
No questions asked. No hassle. No worries.
I’m so confident this program will take your scoring to the next level that I’m willing to take all the risk, so you don’t have to.

Just a reminder to act now because time is crucial…

…this Special Price of $525 $197 expires at 11:59 P.M.

Sunday, September 19!

…or When all 200 Spots Are Filled
(Whichever Comes First)

Click the “Enroll Now” button below to get  immediate access to The Sequential Scoring System 2.0 and all its Features.

Sequential Scoring System 2.0 FAQs

This is the only program that teaches the Sequential Scoring Strategy method, which combines the physical and advanced mental strategies you need to score at an elite level.

Most basketball training programs out there focus only on physical skills without giving you a bigger picture strategy for how to best use those skills throughout the game.

With the Sequential Scoring System, not only will your shooting and finishing skills increase significantly with the 28-Day Workouts, you’ll also see greater results by following a well thought out plan that sets you up to succeed.
Absolutely! As long as you follow each step of the program as instructed, you are guaranteed to see noticeable improvements in your scoring and confidence – even if you’ve struggled to reach the next level with other programs.
On average, you’ll need to invest about 60 minutes per workout over the course of 28 days.

There’s a heavy emphasis on skill development, since your offensive skills are what will drive your success with the Strategy.

You’re going to learn my 6 Scoring Pillars – attacking the basket, getting to the free throw line, mid-range game, outside shooting, steals and fastbreaks and rebounds and putbacks.

Then we’ll weave those 6 methods into your custom Scoring Strategy to give you balance, variety and unpredictability – all making you more dangerous and difficult to scout.
Definitely. You have 60 days to go through all the trainings and follow the Workouts. If at any point you don’t feel like this is the right fit for you, just email me and I will process your refund immediately.

100% yes. If you’re currently out of the rotation, you need to get your coach’s attention by making an impact during practices, open gyms and in any limited minutes you do get. This program will help you do exactly that.

With the Sequential Scoring System, you’re going to develop a strategy that fits your skill set and role with the team – whether you’re currently the leading scorer or simply jockeying for minutes as a role player.

Yes! You will have life-time access to the Sequential Scoring System and both the Youth and Standard Workouts, and you can always complete them at your own pace. You can even do them as many times as you want! You just will lose access to the Accountability portion of the program when it ends.

Of course! Doing both workouts shows your initiative and drive to be an ELITE SCORER!

Don’t Let Another Game Pass You By Without a Scoring Strategy in Place!

You now understand that becoming a dynamic scorer requires more than just skills…

You need a STRATEGY to bring those skills to life and make the most of them.

And the Sequential Scoring method is the easiest way to boost your scoring average and Basketball IQ – no matter where you’re starting from.

Of course, you may be tempted to try it on your own to save money…

And maybe you CAN make a few improvements on your own – but should you?

The Sequential Scoring method took me years of playing and coaching to perfect.

Do you really have that much time to try and figure it all out from scratch?

Each game you play without a Scoring Strategy is a missed opportunity to show what you’re REALLY capable of…

This is your moment to step up and become the player you’re meant to be!

Click the button below to get started.

Click the “Enroll now” button and you’ll be taken to our secure order form to review your order.

Ball’s in your court,

Paris Davis

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