The “4-Step Scoring Progression” to Create space for More Shots

Here’s a 4-step scoring progression, giving you a MENTAL ROAD MAP of what to look for when you catch the ball — so you can CREATE MORE SHOTS and score more points!!!

There are four things you need to know to ensure that you are creating space for yourself on the court. This video and article will show you the 4 steps you can take to create space for you to get more shots.

Step #1- Be a Threat

Be a threat to shoot when you catch the ball. Have the mindset that you can make that shot and take it. Practice those shots, so you become a good shooter. By knocking down shots, the defense will play you tighter because they have to respect your ability to make shots. 

Step #2- Create Space w/Triple Threat Footwork

The defense is now playing you tightly because you have knocked down some shots. You need to drive. You know where you want to go, so make the defender shift to create openings for a drive to the basket. Catch the ball in triple threat position. Don’t hold the ball with your back to the basket. This will not show the defense you are a threat. Catch the ball with your shoulders squared to the basket. 

Once you have caught the ball in a triple threat position, give a cross jab or a jab to force the defense to react and move. On your jab, get your shoulder to your defender’s hip. The defender will think you are attacking in that direction. Once they commit to your fake, you can attack the basket in the other direction.

You do not only have just a jab step. You have different types of footwork and moves to create space. 

1. Forward Pivot

2. Back Pivot

3. Rip Through 

While making these moves, keep your eyes up. You want to be able to see your teammates as they are running the offense. 

Step #3- Attack the Daylight Hard (Aggressively)

The defender has shifted to the side because of your footwork, so now you need to attack the basket aggressively. You have to attack hard. If you don’t, the defense will have time to recover. You should also be able to get off a jump shot because of the advantage you created with your footwork. 

When you are driving, you may be stopped due to help defense. It could come from the weakside or ball-side. You may have neither, but a big guy from the post may step up preventing you to get to the basket. You have to quickly identify where you should pull up and take your shot. Your jump shot may come after only two dribbles. You may get as far as the lane. It depends on how the defense reacts. If the defense provides help, you can either stop and shoot or pass to an open teammate. 

Step #4- Create More Space w/Step Back or Side Step

You got past your defender and are attacking the lane, but a defender provides help defense, or your defender recovers preventing your jump shot. Now you can use a step-back move to create space, so you can still get your shot off.

As you drive, plant your foot closest to the basket and step back to create space. You may have to use a couple of moves. If you have to use more than two, it is excessive. When you get into your shot, use quick pull-up steps. You will have less time and more traffic, so it is important to move quickly. 

To recap, here are the 4 steps:

While your intent is to create space for your own shot, you may run into a collapsing defense. Be mindful of your teammates. Hit them with a pass if they become open due to their defender coming to you. Know where the defense is coming from, so you can quickly see which of your teammates should be open. Using your basketball IQ, you will be able to identify the teammate that should receive the pass because he has the best chance of scoring. 

  1. Be a Threat
  2. Create Space w/Triple Threat Footwork
  3. Attack the Daylight Hard (Aggressively)
  4. Create More Space w/Step Back or Side Step

This is an effective road map to guide your decision making when you catch the ball.

To make this progression effective, be sure to work on your shooting skills! If you haven’t already, be sure to download my “10-Step Shooting & Ball Handling Workout”.

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