Unique Basketball Combo Drill – Improves Ball Handling, Agility, Conditioning & Defense

On the basketball court, have you ever made a great pass to a teammate only for that teammate to turn the ball over?

Or worse, were you the one who ultimately turned the ball over?

Both of these scenarios happen all the time! Do not worry about it! Move on to the next play!

The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake and then follow up with another mistake on the next possession.

Coach Paris Davis has a unique drill that works on not only your ball-handling skills, but also your conditioning and transition defense skills.

Learning how to transition from offense to defense is a skill that can be developed. If you want to earn playing time, these are some of the skills you need to master: ball-handling, conditioning, and transition defense.

Why do coaches look for a player who exhibits these three skills?

Why ball handling? Coaches want players on the court who can reliably handle the ball and not regularly turn the ball over.

Why Conditioning? Coaches want to have players on the court who are in good physical condition and can play heavy minutes if needed.

Why Transition defense? Coaches want players who will always sprint back on defense and make the right play in transition.

Coaches love players who can not only erase mistakes on defense but also not make the same mistakes that led to those transition situations to begin with on offense.

Do you want to learn more on how to master these vital skills?

If so, read further.

Drill Instructions

To begin, start on the right corner and dribble with stationary crossovers.

Start your dribble moves with the hand that is furthest from the spot you will turn and sprint to.

Make sure to do 10 reps at each spot at all the spots in the drill.

Then sprint over to the right elbow. The key is to turn your hips quickly and sprint there.

After another 10 reps at the right elbow, you again turn and sprint to where the right sideline and the half-court line intersect.

You are simulating a quick transition between offense and defense.

The drills outlined in this video are timestamped for your convenience. As always, you can always think of more variations of this drill.

Drill #1: Crossover, Behind the Back with Turn Sprint

Start by crossing over at a stationary position on the right corner.

Then turn and sprint to the right elbow.

Once at the right elbow, continuously do stationary behind-the-back dribbles.

After dribbling in the elbow, throw the ball out all the way to half-court on the right sideline.

At half-court, again crossover at a stationary position.

How fast and how far you throw it is very important!

This drill will improve your skills in alternating between crossovers and behind the back dribbles.

Listed below are additional combinations you can practice within this drill.

Drill #2: Pound Legs & Scissors

At the right corner, pound the ball through the legs for 10 reps.

Then sprint over to the right elbow. Do the scissors dribble for 10 reps.

End the drill by pounding the ball through the legs for another 10 reps at the intersection of the half-court line and the right sideline.

Drill #3: Through Legs Skate & Behind Back Skate

At the right corner, skate dribble through the legs for 10 reps.

Then sprint over to the right elbow. Do behind the back skate dribbles for 10 reps.

End the drill by skate dribbling through the legs for another 10 reps at the intersection of the half-court line and the right sideline.

More Tips to Improve

This is a unique zig zag drill that is going to immensely help your ball-handling, transition defense, and conditioning.

Every elite basketball player wants to constantly improve their game.

They cannot always wait for a gym to open up or for their friends to join them.

The beautiful thing is that this drill can be done by yourself.

If you want to improve your ball-handling, conditioning, and transition defensive skills, then this drill is for you!

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2 years ago

cool i actually started playing a month ago i wasnt so good at shooting then i watched a video about shooting here and i got better i mean i got good at shooting i beat my friend 9 – 0 and i stayed at one spot now i want to be better at dribbling

1 year ago

This is so good

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